Oakley Greenwood: Allocation Arrangements Discussion Paper – June 2018

Tuesday, 12th June 2018

The Gas Market Reform Group’s (GMRG) final recommendations on the design of the capacity trading reform package noted that further work should be carried out in 2018 to determine whether additional reforms are required to reduce the barriers to trade posed by allocation arrangements.

To assist with its consideration of this issue, the GMRG has retained Oakley Greenwood to carry out an independent review of whether allocation arrangements are acting (or are likely to act) as a barrier to trade in the east coast and, if so, the reforms that could be implemented to reduce or remove the barriers posed by these arrangements. As part of this review, Oakley Greenwood intends to meet with a number of industry participants in June 2018 to obtain their views on this issue.

To facilitate discussion on this issue, Oakley Greenwood has prepared a discussion paper. The discussion paper provides an overview of allocation arrangements and contains a number of questions that Oakley Greenwood is interested in obtaining feedback on either through bilateral meetings or through written submissions. Written submissions are to be sent directly to Oakley Greenwood (rjohannessen@oakleygreenwood.com.au) by no later than 29 June 2018.