Gas Pipeline Information Disclosure and Arbitration Framework - Final Design

Monday, 05th June 2017

On Friday 2nd June 2017, the COAG Energy Council’s Senior Committee of Officials (SCO) considered the Gas Market Reform Group’s (GMRG) final recommendations on the design of the new information disclosure and arbitration framework for non-scheme pipelines and agreed that the GMRG proceed with developing the draft National Gas Rules, which will implement that design.

The design of the framework follows extensive consultation with stakeholders, including in response the implementation options paper, and provides for a staged approach to information disclosure, the negotiation and arbitration processes on non-scheme pipelines. The introduction of these stages is intended to provide parties with greater clarity about their obligations in each stage and the processes to be followed. It is also intended to incentivise parties to negotiate and to limit the reliance that may otherwise be placed on arbitration.

The draft initial rules reflecting the design were released for public consultation in late June 2017. Following receipt of stakeholder feedback, the GMRG developed the final initial rules, which were agreed by the COAG Energy Council out-of-session in late July.