Operation and administration of the Capacity Trading Platform(s) and Day-Ahead Auction – Final Recommendations

Monday, 17th July 2017

On Friday 14 July 2017, the COAG Energy Council considered the Gas Market Reform Group’s (GMRG) final recommendation on who should operate and administer the capacity trading platform(s) and the day-ahead auction of contracted but un-nominated capacity and agreed that AEMO should be accorded responsibility for the operation and administration of:

  • a single capacity trading platform that will form part of the Gas Supply Hub trading exchange and provide for exchange based trading of commonly traded pipeline capacity and hub service products and a listing service for more bespoke products; and
  • a centralised day-ahead auction of contracted but un-nominated pipeline and hub service capacity.

While AEMO will be responsible for operating both mechanisms, work on the design, development and implementation of the two mechanisms will continue to be progressed by the GMRG and the dedicated project teams.